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religion. why? >> bill: i don't know if improper is the right word. it's outrageous. >> it's unconstitutional. here is another word for you. >> bill: if you want to put a cross or star of david or crescent for the muslims around your neck. >> disturbing. put it that way. >> is she going to sue? is she going to take this further? >> she brought a letter saying i want an apology. this has been happening not just this one time but upsetting incidents. >> bill: that's a big cross though and that's a cross in play, right? that looks like the cross sister mary larona in the 3rd grade. almost hit me in the nose. >> but even if it's big, she has a right to wear it? >> she has an absolute right in a state school, freedom of expression. >> bill: we don't know whether she is going to litigate? >> she has got to show damages. >> it's been resolved so there is not going to be a financial recovery here. i think it's important for declaratory judgment so it doesn't happen to other people. she could tattoo a cross on herself if she wants. what are they going to do tell her to go home and s
, but they will never forget the americans that call for freedom, that call for separation of church and religion, that call for free democracy, supporting the fascist regime. >> we have to go, we're monitoring another major news event. we want to make sure we have you back as things develop there. thank you for joining us on the telephone, naguib. >>> the dual mandate is to pursue maximum employment and price stability. currently, we have an unemployment rate of 7.6%, which i think, if anything, overstates the health of our labor markets, given participation rates and many other indicators of underemployment and long-term employment. so we're not there, obviously, on the maximum employment part of the mandate. on price stability, inflation is now about 1%, which is below our 2% objective. so both sides of our mandate -- both the employment side and the inflation side -- are saying that we need to be more accommodative. moreover, the other portion of macroeconomic policy, fiscal policy, is now actually quite restrictive. cbo estimates that current federal fiscal policy is subtracting 1.5 percenta
of jerusalem in some fashion that gives the two religions a sense of equality. demille tarization of the palestinian state and a deal based on 67 lines accommodations. 63% of israelis support that. i think netanyahu is clever. sometimes too opportunistic, but he's smart. >> he's pragmatic. >> 90% of americans support background checks and can not get that done here. public opinion polls don't always get you where you want -- >> sometimes they open the doors. >> i agree. >> let me ask you, because you talked about the possibility of obama being a transformational president in the foreign policy area. we can go through country by country. back to egypt, what, if anything, should he be doing differently than what he's doing now, which is not very much obviously, to make it come out the right way and assure his place in history? >> well, first of all, not to get overly involved publicly, this is a sensitive issue obviously within egypt and american meddling can be extremely counter productive. people don't like medalers and america has gotten the reputation of beak imperialistic. we h
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)